3D Artist in Cardiff, UK

My name is Konstantinos Kouropalatis (or Kosta if you like) and I’m a 3D artist currently living and working in Cardiff. I’ve worked in the 3D industry for over 15 years. Having worked on a wealth of 3D related projects, from product design to interiors and architecture, it’s fair to say I’ve had the opportunity to flex my creativity in many areas.

I’ve always had a huge interest in 3D Design. I’ve always wanted my 3D work to work for me and I’m finally able to offer it out as a service through KK3D. For the last few years, I’ve found myself working to visualise a vast number of different projects, including furniture, housing, kitchen designs and exhibition stands.

If you are currently working in an industry such as interiors or architecture, utilising 3D Design and its vast array of technological solutions is vital to winning clients. By showing your valued clients a virtual version of their vision brought to life can be the tipping point between them going elsewhere, or choosing you for their project.

Konstantinos Kouropalatis

My passion for 3D Design began when I first realised the need to visualise my ideas and allow others to explore them. The rest is history. I’m now branching out my work and offering my unique service on a commercial scale.


KK3D promises to see your project through to completion, and not rest until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. I will also support you with 3D Design aftercare, ensuring your interactive projects work for an eternity.

I will offer you our full range of solutions. For every idea you have, I will tailor your solution to match, ensuring you get the best.


I offer a bespoke 3D design service. I know no project is the same, and so, whether you choose an interactive walkthrough or a full virtual reality environment, you can be sure your project will look its best.


I work with you to conceptualise your project. I will map out all of your ideas and reach a viable and cost effective solution, together.


Leave the rest to me! I will note down all the specifics you have requested for your project. Then I will run that past you and ensure you are happy with every detail of the quote. Finally I will prototype your design as per your requirements.


Upon completion of the project, I offer a lifetime aftercare package. When you sign off on your work, that isn’t the end for us. I will continue to work with you and ensure your solutions are sustainable and always readily available.

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