Currently, making a 3D model requires much more information to process in a computer than most 2D image files (JPG, PNG, etc.).
3D models are a collection of points in 3D space, so they have a length, width, and depth. When you take a 2D photo, you’re only capturing the length and width.

There is no software that exists that can take a single 2D image (for example: a family photo) and produce a robust 3D model.
You can, however, do so with a number of 2D images through a process called photogrammetry.

In addition, there are some 3D modeling programs out there that can help you sculpt or create 3D models out of single 2D images.
They do require a bit of time and patience but the results can be what you’re seeking to do. A good example is Smoothie-3D.