3D modeling is essentially a virtual representation of real world objects. It focuses on creating a 3-dimensional object on the CAD software,
which the computer interprets as graphs and equations. The objective is to give the object the physical properties as it would exist in the real world.
For example, a proposed building may be modeled using 3D CAD. This model can be viewed from all directions and behaves like a solid object.
3D models are extensively used now for design communication and manufacturing requirements
instead of 2D drawings to facilitate better understanding between the stakeholders of the design into consideration.

On the contrary, rendering is all about creating an image using the 3D model and adding photo realistic effects such as orientation
and positioning of the camera, proper lighting and backgrounds. If we make a rendering of the above object,
we will have something a like a photograph of the building from a particular angle. Rendering is done after modeling
and includes importing said object(s). The use of 3D rendered image is mainly used to develop marketing materials
and animations as it has more visual appeal.