Video Walkthrough & 3D Interactive Navigation

One of the options to have your project presented, is through Video Walkthrough and 3D Interactive Navigation. These services allows you to step into your project in a way you never thought possible. By being able to control your movement and walk through your space, you will see your design come to life. I offer the opportunity to explore your new apartment complex, while exploring materials and colours.


Video Beautification

With the video walkthrough service, you can see your project in the flesh and allow you to make an unlimited number of amendments. I want you to be happy with every single curve, contour and colour, so I allow you limitless possibility when altering your video walkthrough. Using interactive navigation, you have manual control over your project. This means you can can walk through your design at your leisure and examine and amend any aspects you desire.

Exhibition Stands

Planning an exhibition and want everything to look perfect? Let me help with the walkthrough service. Interact with your stand using 3D Navigation, so you can sculpt and position everything you will need for the perfect finish.

Event Spaces

Build your new event space and allow yourself to see it brought to life using video technology. From bespoke furniture to the wall and carpet colours, video walkthrough allows you to beautify your space before building plans are put into action.

The beauty of our Walkthrough

Walkthrough and 3D Interactive Navigation gives you the option to finalise your project before going through the time and cost of actually building it.
It can allow you to show your clients their work in the flesh.
It allows your clients to walk themselves through their space and see their options in realtime.