VR gives the user the ultimate viewing experience. Using VR, we can experience our work in an entirely new light. We can explore it in a way that we would never have thought possible ten years ago. Picture putting on your goggles, and standing in your new office space, or reaching out and picking up your product to see it in your hands. Virtual Reality makes it possible.



Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive, interactive experience.
VR allows us to view our work in real time, as if we were standing in the room.

One of the things to be proud of, is to be pioneering in the latest in VR technology. Using the HTC Vive headset and hand controls to demonstrate the vast potential of VR we can immerse our clients in their projects. You can view more about the amazing HTC Vive by clicking here.

When I create a VR environment for clients, I ensure that you get the best experience.
This means specifying the level of interactivity you require, and of course taking into account the end user.

HTC Vive

Welcome to Virtual Reality

Below shows an example of how VR works. See how I create an environment and then, using the power of the HTC Vive, begin to explore it in real time. When creating in VR, you can explore every possibility and take care of every detail to ensure the best viewing experience.